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Definition and Recommendations on Writing a Familiar Essay

Definition and Recommendations on Writing a Familiar Essay photo

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The familiar essay is mostly given as home task in primary and secondary school curricula. This type of essay is indeed difficult to write. If you have to deal with a familiar essay, writing a personal reflection on a certain topic will be your main task. Another difficulty in the way of writing this essay is the following: you can easily fall into confusion, because the familiar essay in pretty similar to the personal essay. The observations are unique to the author and research is not required. This challenging assignment is often unfamiliar to the pupils. It is considered as a pretty hard and challenging writing because you have to focus on your own reflection and exploration of a topic. There is no way in which you can rely on facts and other investigators in this field. Don’t worry though, you can write it with our help. Say to yourself: «I can write my essay nicely and fast! »

Here are some pieces of advice that will make your essay look more elevated:

  • When writing your essay, imagine that your audience consists of only one person. Your reader is enthusiastic about hearing your opinion on the topic. In this type of essay, there is no need for adding different explanations in order to prove your point of view. You only need to interact with one imaginary reader. You can even try to use personal pronouns.
  • Organize your ideas before writing by making a plan. Familiar or not, it is still a piece of writing that has to be well-structured.
  • Do not underestimate an outline. it is an important part of essay writing. Make sure to follow it during the writing process. The problem is that students often go off the track and forget about the initial topics they tried to address. That is why it will be good to write your familiar essay in one sitting.
  • In familiar essays, teachers will ask you not to use any references or sources. However, you can rely on one quote to prove your point.

10 tips for your familiar essay

We can assure you – the progress will be visible with these tips! Use them to create a nice familiar essay, better than your classmate’s.

– Read the examples of another familiar essay to understand the process. A familiar essay is a pretty peculiar genre of creative writing. Hence, some characteristics might be different than in any other essay type. It would be a good idea to read the few examples of familiar essays to better understand what is expected of you.

– The topic is very important. Topics should not require any professional or specialized knowledge. Try to make them understandable and relatable. Familiar essays can be written about anything – you just have to avoid the issues that require specialized technical knowledge. Make your essay familiar.

– You should use a proper familiar essay structure. Familiar essay is not extremely different from any other type of paper. Usually, an introduction comes first. It consists of the so-called hook (the first sentence or two, aimed at grabbing the reader’s attention) and the thesis statement.

– Remember to talk to your reader while writing a familiar essay. You can use simple language, but remember not to oversimplify. Slang, jargon or rude language will not be acceptable.

– Freewriting can help you, as it is a good method of preparation. Simply sit down, take a sheet of paper and write everything that comes to your head. Free your mind. Don’t worry if the quality of writing is low, you can later improve it.

– Essay outline preparation. If you have to do some research and aren’t very familiar with the essay topic – do the outline. Having a clear-cut prevents you from rambling and omitting important points you need to mention.

– References in your familiar essay. It is a good idea to add them. It will not be a mistake to show your own decision in order to discuss a famous author, and in this case, it will be impossible not to use some quotations.