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How to write a good cause and effect essay

How to write a good cause and effect essay photo

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The distinctive feature in the cause and effect essays is drawing a logical line between certain events, of which some are factors and some are their ensuing consequences.

The contents of such a small logical investigation may be different. Somebody may try to attract attention to negative tendencies in the society (for example, lack of motion leads to excessive weight). And somebody may want to discover a previously unknown regularity (like finding a relationship between the diet of aquarium fishes and their behavior).

Cause and effect essays: the main features

There are plenty of prospective topics for the cause and effect essays. They include, for instance, global climate changes (very prospective, as causes and consequences are so numerous and the effects in one or other way exert influence on everyone).

Alternatively, an essay writer may take a historic topic like a well know war, especially one of the two world wars. You can analyze both the causes of these dramatic events and their multiple and sensitive effects on the humanity.         

The reasons for writing cause and effect essays naturally vary. Authors may warn about the growing risks related to environmental pollution. Others, conversely, try to derive suggestions how to improve living standards and solve various kinds of existing problems.

At the same time, the motivation to write cause and effect essays (like essays of other formats) for students may be very simple. The reason is that essays are presently an important educational tool in many countries, including USA and Canada. In those countries, among other essay types, cause an effect essays are used by educational institutions as a teaching tool that is believed to provide proper intellectual training to students of various specialties.   

Thus very likely most of essay writers in the education system, create them with an elementary goal in mind. That is, just to compete their college or high school educational tasks. Therefore, they have to compile essays as part of their educational efforts.  

Essay writing services as a market response

Since essays are often needed important, market responses to that demand with a growing supply of essay writing services. Because if something is on demand, there appear specialists ready to produce it on a commercial basis. Presently, one can find a rather considerable network of such services, especially in the developed countries. And especially in those where essays are so widely used as educational instruments.

Professional essay writers are eager to offer you affordable services of writing professionally prepared essays with plagiarism free content. The cause and effect essays are not an exclusion. Often the customer support is do intensive that customer’s job is reduced to just submitting the topic and basic requirements (and certainly paying).    

Still many students prefer writing essays by themselves. Such an attitude deserves encouragement, but, for non-professionals, certain guidance would be welcome.

Below are just a few tips on how to write a good cause and effect text.

Some useful hints on writing cause and effect essays.

The first part of an essay, which is the introduction. Here it is usually recommended to place a so called thesis statement consisting of one or two phrases. Here you may specify if you are going to write about cause or effect or both and give a concise overview of the subject. As with other essay types, it is good if your introduction includes some “attraction grabber”, that is some especially interesting and/or exciting statement that is to make the reader follow your text.

The most difficult task in an academic cause and effect essay it to unite the ideas into a well organized story. That goal may be attained, in particular, with the help of transition words and phrases like “because of”, “since”, “due to” and alike. Overall, the main part is a logical chain explaining and proving the casual relation between the initial cause and final effect. In the end of the main part, the author should already have proven the connection between those two facts.

A good suggestion for the conclusion is a reference to the thesis statement that appeared in the introductive part. Also, in the conclusion, it is beneficial for the author to summarize the mains point of the essay and provide the readers with a certain takeaway statement. Such a statement may include certain impressive implications from the essay’s finding and prospects of its possible use.